A Calection of Poet Tree

    Holy Jazz, Man!
  Spirit Y'all
    An Encounter with Vernon
    A Sure and Certain Victory
    Heaven Is!
    Masters of Light
  Ladies: Friends and Loves
    A Mother Like No Other
    Jo Carney, No Blarney
    Spring and Cynthia
    Sweet Summer Bee
    To Every Lady I Love Forever
  Mutual Admiration Society
    Bezemer's Benches
      (Written by Jennifer for Cal)
    The Jennifer is Flying
      (Cal's response to Bezemer's Benches)
  Computer Angel Compositions
  "Have your CAC and delete it too!"
    Computer Junkie
    Computer Suitor
    Control, Alt, Delete!
    A Song for Amy
    Computer Cowboy
    Dance in 8/6 Waltz Time
    The River of Life
    Waiting for the Moment

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