Sweet Summer Bee



I met Sweet Summer Bee this summer.
but it would have been a bummer if I had not!

Summer is Sweet, Bright, and Hot!
(although she thinks that she is not)
All her friends, including me, can see
that she is as warm and right as Summer can be!

She's a survivor... a fearless Sky Diver!
And, I'll bet she is a really good driver.

A natural born writer, who is brighter than most;
and she sure knows how to post!

I AM just sayin... She likes my piano playin'...
And I AM praying for her happiness and Joy,
and that of her loved ones, family, and every friend.
On whom she can depend, when in the deep end!

Indeed, I AM so happy that she is my FaceBook Friend!
TYJG (Thank you, Jesus/God)! Of this poem, this is The End.