A Sure and Certain Victory



By MagiCaL BeZeMeR~10-16-95

A sure and certain Victory, LORD, is what I know we have;
and by YOUR GRACE, ‘twill come in time and space!
We’ve only to complete the work according to your plan, and,
HEAVEN ON EARTH will surely COME!!!,
and ALL will understand!!!!!!!

Then, You’ll appear in Person;
fulfill every Verse in every Sacred WORD!!!
You’ll set up YOUR KINGDOM
and YOU and Your Angels will live right here with us!!!
Then, we can kiss and hug you
with no one here to bug you, or us!!!
No virulent virus will try us out for lunch!!
No more thugs or bad bugs;
thistles, or broken glass;
and everyone will have class!!!

But, year after year, then decades go by,
and tho’ I really try,
I still get beat up by King Kong.
Now, LORD, I’m not complainin’,
though I know I often do,
but it sometimes seems like its taking so long!!
Though I win most every battle,
it still feels like I’m losing the war!
Your word says we’ll win in the end;
You will work it all out,
so help me Dear Lord, not to doubt!

I win nearly everyone over,
but I’m still not in the clover!
Never enough money, and it sure isn’t funny
how long and hard we have to work!
I stay in the rut, and down in my gut,
at times, I’m so darn perplexed!

When will the Victory come when we will not be vexed
by the rat race and the fat race;
and the stupid, greedy, vicious devil’s race
mixed in with the human?
When will we be zoomin’ ‘round the UniVerse with you?

Please, make haste to show your HANDS!!!
We know we can depend on you!!!
The wheat, and the weeds;
Darling! Please tear out the tares
and end our earthbound cares!!!

We know you will not tarry
once all have made their choice.
Some are still on the fence,
and until they repents,
the rest of us must work and wait.
But when the very last one who is gonna choose you
has finally made up their mind,
then, each and every hour
all will see your power coming thru!!!
Then you’ll take over earth;
kick out the ungrateful and unkind;
and, no more crippled, deaf, or blind!!!

THANK YOU!!! I rank you as our very best FRIEND
who gave us all we ever got that’s worth having in the end;
in the END OF TIME,
when they’ll have theirs and I’ll have mine,
and we’ll all have each other and YOU!!!!!!!
We will all know what to do all the time,
and Life will we be evermore and more SUBLIME!!!!!!!