A Song for Amy, Amazing Amie




Tell me, who could blame me,
if I fall in love with Amy?

She’s cute, and she’s sweet;
her cooking is a treat, (and hard to beat).
Her Cafe is clean and neat, her clients are elite!

And, when you hear her singing,
your ears will be left ringing
with pure joy and sweet delight,
throughout the Autumn night!

With friends Duane and MagiCaL,
Argentina Oscar, and Cashier, Del...
Crosby, Phil, the Licata Brothers...
and sometimes there are others,
like Nomi Cater and Tonya Carter.

We won’t forget Ukelele Donna,
because she is gonna
bring sweet memories to “Heart and Soul".
The evening will be whole!

The Music is Amazing! And soon, it will be raising
the roof and the Spirits of us all!

The servers are outstanding;
there is no need to be demanding.
The whole operation is really a sensation!

St. James Best, TheMusicator,
he is the best; his videos impressed
with Musical awareness and good taste!

But now, I must make haste
and leave the room...
I hope we’ll see you soon!

TYJ (Thank you, Jesus)