CaL Bezemer                                                          Sweet Reunion

  Penelope, I can see you and me forever!
       Forever One, within the Sun;
       A One that none can sever.
       Let me endeavor to explain:
         When I first saw your Angel Face,
felt your tender smile, and eyes embrace,
       my Soul let up from its place, to

                                          *        hyperspace        *

                        where I had no other duty but to gaze upon your beauty.
                        Your soulful eyes were the prize that took me by surprise.


      In my ears a thunderous sound as my heart began to pound!
                                I stood there in shock, searching for something to say.



                         I found the courage to go and speak with you . ..
                         and when I heard your Angel Voice
                                               knew at once I had no choice
                                                                  to simply walk away.
                          Had to get you in my life;
                                                              soon knew I wanted you for wife!

And when I touched your hand... I felt myself e-x-p-a-n-d
                           as 10 miles tall we Walked and Talked in Silence.

Touched by your brilliant mind, I find
myself so full of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wit,
there is no end to it!

I recall one summer night, the moon so softly bright, when we were One . . .
We could hear the Silence
as earth, grass, bushes, trees and sky,
and Heaven, shared our love.

That was twenty-five years ago ....
Now I more than ever know I will always need your love,
though I live in countless Heavens



   for no one can e're replace
     your sweet, quiet, Angel Face !!!