A Mother Like No Other



(A Testimony for Mother’s Day 1996)

by Dr. CaL BezemeR -(Dec. 9, 1936)

Everyone who has a good mother

thinks their mom is the greatest . . .

so, at this moment, I am the latest

to tell the world I could never want another.

In my fifty-nine years I have traveled much . . .

observed many mothers’ tone and touch.

I have seen many wonderful mothers of others . . .

But, not ever once have I thought:

“I wish she were my mother.”

She may be great for them, but not for me.

As unique as I am, I needed someone unique as she.

Though I’m often called “Genius,” I’ve known much meanness

from countless others who think me weird . . .

mock and condemn me, my words and my ways,

my music, my singing, and even my beard.

But, she always told me to be true to myself,

to follow my Star, keep my word, and value Heavenly Wealth.

“Never mind if folks don’t understand you and call you strange;

Seek to please the LORD...all else is small change.”

She feels sad and guilty that I often did not take her advice...

made stupid stubborn mistakes that cost a great price,

missed opportunities, trusted the wrong people...

then blames herself that I have so many problems in life.

How could it be your fault, Bird,

when I did the opposite of the advice I heard?

But, Mom, the best of what I am, I got from you,

the things that are Essential, Eternal, and True!

The principles I live by, I mostly got from your walk and talk.

You say you admire me for being so close to the Lord . . .

but, I met Him through you, your example and words!

So, tender teacher, let me tell anyone who cares to hear

of some advice I did take, which has brought much good cheer.


Since my father died when I was only seven,

she was the one who taught me about Heaven.

A concept that has helped so much to bring balance:

“Everyone has both good and bad qualities;

don’t let someone’s faults blind you to their good points.”

No one else could have loved me so tenderly,

nor helped me see right from wrong,

nor how to be both gentle and strong.

Instead of kid bedtime stories, read me Edna St. Vincent Milay;

her richly-textured angel voice making magical moods and worlds.

Said to Pray about goals, and God would show the way.

She taught me never ever to lie . . .

unless I have to.

(to be gracious or avoid hurting feelings)

“Do your best; give your all; always do more that you are paid to do.”

Taught me that being sincerely in love is the most Sacred thing;

loving the Lord and loving my woman is the best Life can bring.

She taught me popular, fun, and Christian songs, and sang harmony . . .

which developed my ear and helped make me me.

She bought me a piano, she bought me a sax;

said be a good citizen, and pay my tax;

to trust the Lord and then relax.

She would listen, and council, and never condemn.

Other kids were amazed, when we were with them,

at the honest and open way we could talk.

Their parents would rant, rave, frown, and punish,

so they dared not be open;

for a parent like mine, they said they were hopin’.

She never lectured, but clearly explained

the way she saw things; my Free Will remained.

She inspired me to be not merely good, but Noble;

to do the right thing even when it’s a lot of trouble.

Mom, I am listed in “Who’s Who”

because my character was shaped by you!

She is brilliant! I was so proud of her at every time and place,

with her Royal posture and manners, elegant dress, beauty, and grace.

Told me never ever to put on a false face.

(unless I have to)

And, it’s much more than a rumor: she has a great sense of humor!

(She’d have to, to put up with me.)

With her natural charm, she relates events and tells funny stories

far better than many we see on TV.

(And, she writes varied and profound Poetry.)

Thousands will testify they were so proud of their doo;

Fifty years of cutting, curling, and shaping,

no one can do a better hairdo!

Keeping her Faith while she takes her lumps

through years of pain far worse than measles and mumps;

encouraging folks who were down in the dumps.

Countless good deeds of the most thoughtful kind

cause hundreds of people to bring her to mind.

Said I might fool others, and even myself . . .

but the Lord always knows my real motivation,

which means more to Him than what others may see.

Much more than fame and fortune, or the admiration of a nation,

is the worth of a good name that’s rightfully earned;

dishonest gain must always be spurned.

Then you’ll have peace of mind when you look in the mirror;

go to sleep at night without any fear.

“If I should die before I wake,

I Pray the LORD my Soul to take.”

“Thy Will Be Done, oh Lord”

is the key to all Life;

Humility and Gratitude for His Forgiveness and Love,

and a zillion new starts! (every time we step off the Path)

He is so Faithful and Kind to teach and to train us with Patience and Love
instead of His Wrath.

His Anger is reserved for those who spurn His Forgiveness.

Though often we fall, He will pick us up and set us back on the Way.

His Love never leaves us any night or day,

no matter how far we stray.

When we feel too unworthy to ask to return,

and give up in despair, feeling we’ll never learn . . .

that we are far too impure to be in His Presence;

that He must find us disappointing or worse;

that we are quite hopeless and He surely can’t want us . . . the Bible tells us that though devils may taunt us,

He humbly pleads for our Love until we feel it haunt us,

and we find sweet comfort from the Spirit, or our favorite verse.

“Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling.”

He’ll take me “Just As I Am”

and live in me by His Grace and Holy Spirit

to remake me in His Image through Life’s many trials.

He’s with us every moment, in tears or in smiles!

Goodness is its own reward;

but we’ll be rewarded forever by the Grace of the Lord!

It is clear that by far the greatest reward

is the Awesome Adventure of knowing the LORD!

In a town and church full of rules, threats, and fears;

merely mental concepts ringing in my innocent ears . . .

she showed me how to Pray from the Heart,

and assured me He would always grant a fresh start.

You can see now why I treasure her the most,

and could want no other my life to host.

No one else could handle the path she trod

with a gift and a burden like me, that she received from God.

So, when I count my Blessings, it’s easy to see

why first on my list is the Mother He gave to me.