Jo Carney, No Blarney



Jo Carney, no blarney;
she’s sassy, then sweet.
She’s classy, and what a chassis;
sensual dancer; intense romancer;
in golf and in life, hard to beat!

Rides horses;
the Forces of Light flow thru her.
And fella,
you’d better do well-ah
when she starts to purr;
‘cause when she’s a kitten,
her tiger will stir!

She’s deep and profound;
her secrets abound!
The history of her mystery
is found in her poetry.

Sarcastic and drastic
when she thinks things are bad;
when she feels folks are plastic,
then she really gets rad!

She’s Irish! And I wish
you could know her too;
to enjoy the beauty, charm,
and brilliance that shine brightly thru.

Her eclectic, soulful singing
will have you clinging
to her, and the edge of your seat!
None more captivating could you ever meet!

To know her is to love her.
(most of the time.)
After all, who is perfect?
As humans go, she’s quite sublime!

So I’ve taken the time
to say “She is a Friend of mine,
and my life is much richer
since she’s been in the picture.

Jo Carney, no blarney,
I love her,
I do.
(Oops, I said I would never say “I do” again!)

by Cal Bezemer - 1998