The Jennifer is Flying



by Dr. Dr. MagiCaL BezeMe’R- Feb 1996 -
from “A Calection Of PoetTree”

The Jennifer is flying, and the galaxies are smiling
to see their joyful friend has come to play again ...
The Jennifer is flying...and the fur is flying
‘ cause all the cats are trying to be first in line
to spend some time with her, the Jennifer!

Her enchanting feminine wiles
are contained in virginal smiles
as fleet and waning as the moon
playing with the clouds.
Playing Hide and Seek,
but she plays for keeps
as Eternity’s Child,
so shy and wild
and free as she needs to be.

If you try her eyes on for size,
realize your aura will expand...
You will feel like Alice In Wonderland
and you will wonder where you’ll land...

But...not to worry...if you fall too far and fast,
she will take you by the hand
and tune you in to Heaven’s Band...
put you on the Mary Go Round of Life
and urge you to try for the Brass Ring
as you listen to the Class Ring of her Angel Voice.
For, when she reads her poetry,
you will know a Tree of Life to be your very own.
And, when you see and here her readin’,
the Garden of Eden
will come to meet and greet you
as a Dear Old Friend from HOME!

So, beware,
and be where you are,
and be aware:
The Jennifer is flying
and she will steal your heart
without even trying.