Control, Alt, Delete!



ComPutER AngeL ComPoseITionS
"Have your CAC and delete it too!"

I am getting the gestalt
of Control, Delete, Alt.,
and Alternate Realities are mine
to play with and design,
change, enlarge, refine.
All it costs is the time
it takes me to punch in
perimeters of where I will have been.

Control, Alt, Delete...
for the sake of Pete,
never had such fun in my life.

Control, Alt, Delete! My, but life is sweet!
My computer brings me Heaven on earth!
And, I hate to tell, sometimes a little hell;
which makes me much more grateful when it works!

Next best thing to a woman,
my machine is more than human,
though I'm fumin' every time there is a crash.
Believe me, its more than worth the cash!

It's more than a friend
on whom I can depend.
Our products never end,
as ever grows my back-up stash
of Treasures that the LORD put on my mind.

by CaL BezemeR-1985 (back in the day--
when you still had to know DOS in order to use a PC)