Computer Junkie



ComPutER AngeL ComPoseITionS
"Have your CAC and delete it too!"

Computer Junkie, got that monkey on my back!
I'm no hacker, but my backer says "Back off!
Save your online for your own time!
Keep your screen clean for the company scene.
I don't mean to be mean, but I've seen
you go off cruisin' and refusin' to stay on track!
We got deadlines; we gotta make headlines!
So, make a beeline for that feline later!
Love after work, there's nothing greater;
but if she stops work, I sure downrate her.
Leave the interrupts to your computer;
Show your IQ is higher than your IRQ,
and only do what you are supposed to!"

by CaL BezemeR-1985 (back in the day--
when you still had to know DOS in order to use a PC)