Bezemer's Benches



Ten excited tap dancers

promenade along a boardwalk

of white keys.

One stops to rest on a black bench.

The Master of these agile puppets

commands it to rise again and

meet its partner at the other end.

As the dancers begin to tire,

the whimsical master

explodes with cosmic satire!

Giggles shake and sizzle along

vibrating strings.

The slap-happy dancers flap their feet

for a swingin' jig.

Listeners, observing this Milky Way magician

and his rhythmic assistants,

pair up and join in.

The galactic guru of piano,

swept up in the lively, lovely motion,

decides to set his puppet dancers free.

The chaotic chords created

overtake all of the boogieing bodies

and jazz them well through the night.