"He [Jeffries] is backed by the fine big band of Ted Herman. However, it is pianist Cal Bezemer, who has been with Herb for more than 25 years, who flavors Herb's vocals with just the right touch of Ellington. It's like the Duke reached down and touched his fingers as they tinkled the ivories." Raymond Strait, August 1999

-- as quoted in the website for the PBS American Masters Series international award-winning DVD, 'A DUKE NAMED ELLINGTON'

Herb Jeffries

"Cal Bezemer is the best; my dear friend and musical associate since 1975, is as far as I am concerned, a national treasure and singer's dream. He never gets in the way, but is always there to enhance the nuances. He is humble, cooperative, fresh, creative, and fun to be around. I place him on a level with other great pianists. I have been blessed to have worked with him, as well as having been blessed by working with the great Duke Ellington and Earl (Fatha) Hines. Cal Bezemer is also a gifted soloist, composer, and entertainer as well as accompanist."

Al Jarreau
“One of my favorite pianists, to listen to, or to sing with. We worked together at 'The Tender Trap' in Cedar Rapids, Iowa--Recorded the album '1965 Al Jarreau'". (Now called “Come Rain Or Come Shine”.)
Henry Franklin Sr.
"A great talent deserving wider recognition. Working together 5 nites weekly for a year, I was able to see his artistry unfold each nite in a different, positive manner. Songs he played the nite before would be 100 percent different the next nite...always filled with love and compassion. His vocals were amazing!
I enjoyed being the Bassist for the Cal Bezemer Trio for 15+ years, recording, and am looking forward to more recording with the CB Trio. We worked at the National Historic Landmark “Mission Inn” in Riverside where Roosevelt and Nixon often stayed. We were in the ‘President’s Lounge’, and you would think Cal was the President himself, the way he had people captivated on and off the stage. I am happy to work with Cal anytime!"
Alphonse Mouzon
“I have very much enjoyed gigs with you with Lisa Nobumoto. I really like your Trio CD with Henry Franklin and George Edwards. I played it over and over. I think you are a great pianist who deserves to be heard widely.
George Shearing

"A very interesting, creative pianist. It made me want to hear more."

Stan Kenton
“On Rush Street, 'Jo Carney and the Cal Bezemer' Trio. I went in for one drink after my concert before going back to my room. I ended up staying for two shows!”
Eddie Jefferson
“After hearing ‘Jo Carney and the Cal Bezemer Trio’ in Chicago in 1975 -- Cal sounding like Roland Kirk with one hand on the piano, one on sax -- I called him in L.A., to tell him I wanted to take him to New York and show him off as my discovery!”
Issac Hayes
“ I enjoyed jamming with you, Cal. Please send me the chart to record ‘The River Of Life’"

Linda Hopkins

"Cal, I have played with many pianists in my years in Show Business, but you are the best."
Phil Crosby Jr

“Cal Bezemer is a gift from God. I know that, because one day, I opened the present, and he popped out! In all seriousness though, He is one of the finest and most fun accompanists and Jazz improvisers there is. He has been the greatest mentor I’ve had the good fortune and blessing to have found! Cal is a skilled, talented, humorous, deeply Spiritual musician of the highest caliber. He can spontaneously create an arrangement that sounds as if it had been written and rehearsed!”

‘Scatman’ Crothers (at Jimmy Alan’s ‘Old New Yorker’ NightClub) Conversation: Cal: “How about singing a few?” Scatman: “I got to hear you play, first!” Cal: “Fair enough!” [At the next intermission] Scatman: “Boy, you as crazy as me! Yeah, I’ll sing!”

Anita O’Day

“I like your chord voicings! How do you anticipate what I am going to do like that? I want you to go to Hawaii and record with me.”
 Barbara McNair
 “Cal and his Trio do a great job backing me. They are consistent, energetic,
  creative, willing and able to flow with me in any direction I choose, in any key! This
  lets me be spontaneous and enjoy myself, secure that it is always going to come out great!"

Jimmy Witherspoon

“The baddest cat I’ve heard since Phineas Newborn!”

Calvin Newborn

“Cal, you remind me of my brother, Phineas Newborn! And I like your compositions: ‘Cynthia’, ‘The River Of Life’, and ‘Dance In 8/6 Waltz Time’.”

Lee Magid
Patrons at my Jazz Club appreciated the extra treat I gave them of having  Cal Bezemer play the intermissions. I offered to manage him, but having just done two years on the road, he did not want to travel.”

Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson
“In Kansas City, in 1960, I wanted to give this inexperienced young white boy with the big heart his first taste of the big leagues, so I took him to Omaha with me for 2 weeks. He was 23, looked 17, and he blew their minds. He changed a lot of preconceptions.”

EdWing Sankey
“Cal, my friend and musical associate for over 30 years, is one of the best in the world! Also, a gifted composer/songwriter. His compositions are beyond New Paradigm, in multiple dimensions. They require study before they can be played. And, right in the middle of something serious as Stravinsky, or a Romantic Tender moment, some madcap non-sequitur humor, will suddenly burst through, causing started laughter. It is always a joy, to hear or work with Cal, as he sets me free to just be me, because he can always flow in a new moment of time.”
Duane Thorin

"It is such a pleasure to be doing shows with MagiCaL again. It’s Martin and Lewis time! Responding to the lyrics, his wiseguy wisecracks crack me up! We did open mike shows weekly at CC, Hollywood. He always brought down the house, with his piano and ‘Crazy Cal’ antics. Jennifer Welton even wrote a poem for him, “The Galactic Guru of Piano, this Milky Way Magician.” He accompanied me and everyone that needed him, and helped them sound their best, in any style or key. That’s why it is such a joy for me. I enjoy doing an eclectic range of styles, and he’s there for every one of them. Plus solos, that blow peoples mind, with musical wit and virtuoso chops."

 Julie Esposito
 "Cal, I love your playing and accompanying--AND you are such a great guy. I am so
  glad that we are back in touch! Hope to sing with you again SOON!"
 Tanya Carter
 Cal has been my Vocal Coach/Accompanist for nearly 20 years. He can play any
 song in any key. He taught that I could feel confident and in control by learning to
 count difficult rhythms, learning intervals, and how to find the right key by finding
 the highest note, and being sure that it was in my range. With lead sheets and practice tapes, he helped me build my repertoire of over 55 songs in Jazz style.