"Come Rain Or Come Shine" - Al Jarreau.
Listen as Cal accompanies Al on Stockholm Sweetnin’. Cal gets hot around 2:25, soloing
for about a minute! (Available at Amazon)

"The Duke And I" -- Pianist with Herb Jeffries & 16 Piece Band of Ted Herman

Available Soon:

"Herb Jeffries Live with the Cal Bezemer Trio"
'Jo Carney and the Cal Bezemer' Trio.
An ongoing stream of Jazz Piano Standards and Originals,
and Modern Classical Piano Compositions.
They will be announced on ‘Discography’ as: “New Releases”

Appearing on:

"Sananda", "Thought Transferance", and "Trap Door"
(Synthesizer, with EdWing Sankey on Zither) Mountain Castle Music

"Unsung Heroes" with John Boudreaux Jazz Quartet

"Live at the China Trader" with Jimmy Allen's 10 Piece 'Brass Works'
(on Piano and Synth Strings)

"Senior Blues" with Blues/Gospel singer Ernie Banks (EdWing Sankey on Guitar)

Some Music Samples:

  Cal plays "Waltz for Debbie" in the style of Bill Evans
  No Greater Love by the CB Trio
  More to come...