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Specializing in Jazz

CD’s . Videos of:

Solo Piano . Trio . Multi-track Synth
(some with male and/or female singer)

Mainstream (Standards & Jazz Tunes)

Originals -- Jazz . Classical . Gospel . Country . Comedy

Spontaneous Composing in Jazz & Modern Classical Styles

We Produce:

Concerts -- Recording Sessions

Multi-track Synthesizer or Live 2 to 6 Piece Group

Arrangements for Singers . Singer/Songwriters

   Live Performances of: The Cal Bezemer Trio

                                Cal's Compositions:

Jazz w/ Lyrics:
       The River Of Life
-- a Jazz Waltz Love Song
       Cynthia -- Jazz Ballad-Love Song
       Dance In 8/6 Waltz Time -- Jazz Multi-rhythm Fun Dance Song

Misc w/Lyrics:
Computer Cowboy -- Country Comedy
      The Psycho Jerk Love Song -- Country Comedy
      God Is Our Father -- Country Gospel
      Mountain Momma -- Country Love Song
      Baby Doe
-- 1930's Eddie Cantor style

      Two Easy Ragtimes -- Ragtime Piano       
      Multi-Cosmic Victory -- Classical Piano-Miniature Sonata

King David Suite (Chamber Music & Harp):

      Fanfare (Brass)
      Music Numerology of Name: Dr. Frank E Stranges
      David's Serenade
      Another David Serenade
      Fanfare (Woodwinds)

Above songs available as:

1) Lead Sheet Only (melody/chords/words): $4.00

2) Lead Sheet and a CD of Cal playing the song: $7.00

3) For "Cynthia" & "The River Of Life":
         Lead Sheet; CD of Cal playing the song;
         an explanation/demonstration of the harmonic structure;
         how to voice the chords for the true flavor of the song: $10.00

                      Coming Soon:

      "Solo Piano" -- 15 min. Improv (Free Jazz and Three Compositions)
                        An ongoing stream of Jazz and Modern Classical Piano Compositions.
                        They will be announced on ‘Discography’ as: “New Releases”