( WisE HeavenlY OneNeSt LoveLight Yeshua

ComIC OpEra WunderWorld )

An Inspired InterGalActic AngelS Comedy and Music Improv and Repertoire Company Team.

The Basic Premise and basis

for all improvisations is the InterConnected DIVINE ONENESS of ALL LIFE! !

OmniPresent Intelligence/Power of GODHEAD

is present in every atomic and subatomic particle of LIFE, which is LIGHT,

which is Eternal Godhead in Visable Manifestation.



are interwoven;


are part of

everyone and everything! ! ! ! !

Every particle of Light/Life, no matter how infinitesimal in size or energy or power, affects

the Electro-Magnetic Matrix of ALL LIFE.


Therefore, Wholy Cow members recognize the individuality and personality of
all facets of Life ! ! !

We relate to, converse, work, pray and play with

the beings of Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human,

Angel, and Godhead realms.

Also, with stuffed animals, dolls, pictures, plants, and the entire environment of
people, places, and things.

All are given the recognition of their existence
and of their need to express themselves
and to be part of the scene:
fun, music, dancing and whatever is going on.

We allow them to speak to and through us,
to share their wit and joy and love and Spirit
in the moment of the Eternal Now.
For this is what Heaven is.

Heaven is not just for humans!

The Vedas (five-thousand year old Sanskrit Revealed Writings from India) say that in Vrindavna (the most romantic and intimate and Highest Heaven) everything is conscious.
(the grass, trees, rocks, etc.).

Remember when Beloved Jesus was making His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, the spiritually blind people said "Jesus, tell those people who are worshiping you to be silent!"

Jesus said "If these people did not speak, the very rocks would cry out.

The Holy Spirit speaking through St. Paul in the Bible says:
"The whole creation groans, waiting for the redemption."
All creation yearns for the time when ALL will be enjoying the ONENESS together again!

We aspire to be good citizens not only of earth (Heart) and the Universe,
but, more importantly, of Heaven (Heavens).
Please be so kind as to investigate the deeds and scriptures of the prophets.
Humble yourselves to come to know the GRACE of GOD, who will reveal Himself to those who search the writings of the Hebrew and Vedic Scholars and Prophets,
chosen by GOD to reveal Himself:
(His Holy Nature, Personality, Holy Names, and plan of Salvation for imperfect beings)
(such as we and yourself). To reveal himself to those he has created to enjoy Eternity with Him... as Co-creators, empowered, enlightened, and led by His Holy Spirit
to live by His Grace
as a part of His Life, Mind, and Body.

"Let that Mind that was in Christ Jesus be in you!"

The essence of Heaven (Heavens) is not good deeds,
but being In Love with Jesus/Mary and Father/Mother GODHEAD,
and His Perfect Will

Wholy Cow Founder Director~~~
MagiCaL BeZeMeR

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