Earthquake Protection Inspired Crusade

as given to and through

Florence Timmerhoff and CaL BezemeR

In 1971, after the quake that caused many to leave California, Jesus appeared in a Vision to Florence. He told her to make flyers and give out the message that He was granting a dispensation of mercy to the West Coast that there would be no huge cataclysmic quake, but a series of comparatively small ones. Movement must come but it can be by many smaller stages.

Jesus asked Florence to suggest to people to pray in two primary ways:

1. Passive Prayer - (Depending on God to do.) The usual type of prayer asking God for Mercy and Protection and giving thanks for past and present Mercy and Blessings.

2. Active Prayer- (Doing what we can do: send Light and Love.) At any time, but especially at Noon, 6 p.m., 9 p.m. (because a group praying for a united purpose is much more powerful)

Recently, Jesus has spoken silently inwardly to Cal instructing him to give out the news to the whole world that everyone in every locality is invited to join this Crusade for their own locality and the whole earth.

Here is a sample prayer for someone in Los Angeles. Each person will substitute his own local area, then state, province, etc, then their country, and we all close by praying for the whole world.

Say something like:

(Phase 1) “Thank you, God, for past and present Mercy. Please continue your Blessed Mercy in protection from disasters, terrorists, pollution, and anything not in your Divine Plan.”

(Phase 2) “In the name of Jesus (or God or whatever Name of God you prefer) I AM sending the Light and Love of God Almighty into the faults and fissures throughout (insert your local area, region, country) Los Angeles...California...the United States... the Whole World including the oceans, and then all the way down to the tectonic plates, to stabilize them under Merciful Divine Control.” Please pray slowly with much focus. Feel the Love and Light and Power of God flowing through you by the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also suggested that we all visualize and pray for a dome of Crystal Light over our homes, cities, countries, and the whole earth, as protection against pollution, missiles, warfare, weather, and destructive entities of hell..

Love and Light and Power in all the Holy Names of God.

Cal Bezemer

MusIC AngeLS ProD.

Prod-Dir. (213) 531-1989

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