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How it Works: 

Each letter in the alphabet has a note from the seven-note A-through-G musical scale. The note for each letter is determined by going through the keyboard; the letter "a" is the note A, "b: is B, and so on. Note that the letter "h" is the note A as the notes restart at the begining of the scale. The letter "i" is the note B, the letter "j" is the note C and so on. You can ascertain the note of a letter by counting through the scale or by using the chart above.

Each note in the scale has a numerical value based on its order; The note A has a value of one, the note B is two, and so on. You can ascertain a note's numerical value by counting or by using the chart above.

The notes of a word are its melody. which you can hear by singing them or playing them on a musical instrument. You ascertain the melody of a word by finding out the notes for each letter of the word. For example the melody for the word "James" is C-A-F-E-E.

Each word's melody has a numerical value, which you can ascertain in two steps:
   1) Add the individual numerical values of the note of each individual letter     in that word.
   2) Add the digits of the sum of step one.
In the example above -- "James" -- the values for the C-A-F-E-E melody are
3 + 1 + 6 + 5 + 5, which equals 20. The sum of the digits in 20 is 2 (2 + 0). Therefore numerical value is two.

Each word also has its own note, which corresponds to its numerical value. In the case of "James" the note is B since the numerical value of the word is two.

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